2021 Non-Profits

In October and November, we held meetings with many of the local nonprofits who are serving veterans. We asked, “What is Billings missing in its service to veterans and how can we either fill that void or get a really good start at it?” They all said two things: #1 – awareness and connection, and #2 – grow the Veterans Navigation Network (VNN). #1 is the significant hurdle of how to get the word out about what their organizations provide and then getting veterans connected to their organizations and to one another. #2 is a direct solution to that problem. VNN is a local nonprofit that started a couple of years ago. They describe themselves this way: “We give military veterans the support and resources to navigate their transition to civilian life. Not just providing resources and information, we are by their side to support them each step of the way with peer mentorship.” You can read more about them at www.veteransnavigation.org.

It is our goal in 2021 to spread the word about VNN to every Yellowstone County household. To that end, we are partnering with a growing list of coffee shops, restaurants, and other businesses to have not only information cards in their locations, but also easy to participate in fundraising opportunities like donations made for just buying a cup of coffee or dropping some change in a donation jar. We’ll announce the list soon so you can be sure to support those businesses.

How can you get involved?

  • Do you need access to services?
  • Do you want to become a mentor?
  • Can you donate?
  • Do you know of a local business who might want to help us spread the word?

Call us anytime – (406) 969-4141! We will help you get connected to the right people so you can get involved in any way that you would like.

Local businesses that are currently working with us:

* check back regularly – this list updates frequently!

Local non-profits serving veterans:

Adaptive Performance Center
American Legion
Big Sky Economic Development
Citizens 4 Our Vets
Disabled American Veterans
Dog Tag Buddies
Horses Spirits Healing
My Vet Friends
Paul Gardner Veterans Pain Relief Foundation
Veterans, INC 
Veterans Meat Locker
Veterans Navigation Network
Volunteers of America